take three

I came home today and noticed that there was a road crew repairing a portion of the road outside our apartment. It really isn’t anything all that special. In fact, that is actually what made me take a second look at it. This is the third time in the six months we have lived here that they have torn up and repaved this exact same little patch of road. What is it about this particular stretch of road that makes it a problem? Why have they decided that of all the spots that might need repaired this one is deserving of attention? Why hasn’t the problem been fixed on one of the previous attempts? I’m sure I’ll never know the answer to these questions. But aren’t there these same sort of areas in other parts of life? Things we want to do and try to do and just never are able to really stick with. Or things we say we won’t do and then we end up back in it again. Those little trouble spots that just seem in need of constant attention.

Just a little observation taken from the road today.



So I apologize for having missed posting the last few days. I’ve been enjoying the semester break with family and have been exploring some great new places around the country. It has been a blast thus far but haven’t been able to spend too much time around the computer. I hope to return to the regularly scheduled blog routine next week.

Here is one of my favorite pics from this last week. Will share some more pics next week!