So it has been more than 10 months since I’ve written here.

To put it mildly a LOT of things have changed since my last post here.

It has been an exciting ride. In just a few days life is about to change a lot more as well. Kylie is due with our first child in any day now. We’ve relocated and started into quite a few new adventures. I imagine I’ll share more of those in the coming days.

Even with – and in some ways because of – all of those things coming I hope to start writing here on a more regular basis.

I want to keep developing my thinking. I need a place to digest some of the things I’m learning. I hope to provide some helpful reviews of the books I’m reading.

I don’t know exactly what shape this all will take. I’m sure I will re-work things in the coming days. So just bear with me through all of that, but I hope this will become a place where you can find some thoughtful reflections on things historical, cultural, theological, and political (which means just about anything is fair game!)


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