Average Joe by Troy Meeder

Average Joe: God’s Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men
by Troy Meeder

So this book really offers nothing new to its readers. There are no earth-shattering insights. No new discoveries. No especially pithy ideas. This might actually be its greatest strength!

Most of us have received plenty of input. We’ve read a lot. We’ve listened to a lot of teaching about things we can and should and ought to do. For the vast majority of us, the problem is not about needing something new, the biggest need is to act on what we already know. This book is really helpful on that front.

Each chapter focuses on a different truth. Sometime he shares it through a portrait of a normal guy who embodied a character trait, like the college groundskeeper who taught him life lessons in cutting grass or the sacrifice of a soldier. Other times it is from his own life and pursuit of meaning and fulfillment in a career only to find himself empty. Or other chapters from raising horses or flying a small plane in the Rocky Mountains. In each of these areas he reminds normal guys about the value of walking with God in daily life.

Some of these chapters resonated with me more than others. The writing is interesting enough. It would be great for a small group study (and includes study questions for this) as it hits a variety of topics and would be a good jumping off point. This wasn’t a life changing book but was a helpful reminder to live in light of what I already know.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free evaluation copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah. I did not receive any monetary payment nor was I required to write a positive review. I hope my comments about the book will help you evaluate whether or not the book is worth purchasing and reading.


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