Tools or Tie-Ups?

For those who know me well, you will probably laugh at a post like this because I am most guilty of all. But after all that is part of the point of writing.

There are so many great gadgets and tools available. For just about any task imaginable someone, somewhere, has done it before and come up with something to make the task easier. Whether it is changing a tire on a car, making a pot of coffee, reading a book, or learning another language. There are tools available that are designed to make that task easier, or simpler, or more efficient.

This is a great thing. It is also a dangerous thing.

There is a danger that the tools become an end in themselves. Or maybe it doesn’t go that far but rather than making the task more efficient they actually end up becoming a distraction.

So before you start into learning how to use that newest tool for organizing your files or signing up for the latest program consider if it is going to be a tie-up or a tool.



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