I was trying to think of a good way to express exactly what I’m thinking. I don’t think far-sightedness is the exact term, but it will work.

Do you ever get to those situations where you just don’t know what to do? You are looking at the situation from every vantage point you can imagine. You are considering all the angles. Yet you still just can’t quite seem to make sense of what is going on. You know something is missing but just don’t quite know what it is.

Ever been there?

Then someone comes along who happens to be in a different situation and without even really trying they are able to look at the situation with a “far-sightedness” that you just didn’t have. As much as you tried to remove yourself from the particular situation and consider it objectively you could not get there, and then someone else comes along and makes it all seem so simple.

There is something about “far-sightedness” – being removed from the situation – that gives perspective that you just can’t get from close up. Certainly there are details and circumstances that can’t be seen from far away. There are elements of a situation that no one knows unless they are there. But it still can be extremely refreshing when someone comes in with fresh eyes and offers you some “far-sightedness” that helps to make sense of things you just couldn’t see.

Ever been there? Oh? Yeah, me neither.



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