Monday Mentions→

Here are some of the stories of interest over the last few days and heading into this next week.

Cruise Liner Capsizes –

A Carnival Cruise ship, the Costa Concordia wrecked over the weekend off the Western coast of Italy. The boat struck rocks that caused a massive hole in the side of the ship. Most of the 4,200 passengers on board were able to safely make it to shore. Unfortunately 6 have been confirmed dead. The wreck which occurred during calm seas and clear visibility is suspected to be due to human error. The captain is currently under extreme scrutiny and may face manslaughter charges in the case.

Huntsman drops out – The quest for the Republican presidential nominee is in full swing. Now that primary season has started we have results besides just opinion polls. After strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Mitt Romney seems to have delivered on the expectations that had him as the front runner throughout most of the past few months. The upcoming primary in South Carolina will be a significant indicator if there is a “anybody but Mitt” candidate to be found or if the party has begun to unite around Romney in hopes that he can defeat Obama this fall.

How to Focus – Ever have trouble focusing? You know, you need to write that paper and you do everything but. Or you just can’t wait to get into the novel, but you have to check the headlines and the sports scores and twitter. No? Okay, well this was great for me. Just a graphic with some practical ideas for how to focus.

BIG news in Chinese Politics – How big? Well, about 7’6 big. Former NBA player Yao Ming who retired after chronic injuries has begun to pursue involvement in Chinese Politics, among other things. At 31 he is now the youngest, and certainly the tallest, of the 142 members of an advisory committee to Shanghai’s legislature. Yao who is extremely popular in his homeland has also begun importing his own wine, from Napa, CA, and also enrolled in a University in his hometown of Shanghai.


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