Welcome to 2012!

Okay, so I am nearly a week late but this is my first post so far of the new year. It has been a rather strange last couple of weeks. We had a quick trip to London to celebrate Christmas together with family. Then returned back to Istanbul for a few days before having family visit us here. In between was trying to stay up with schoolwork as there are just a few weeks left in the semester here. So it has been rather out of routine.

I don’t feel like I’ve taken time yet to sit down and think and plan. Sometimes I do that quite well and at other times I don’t. I’ve been encouraged (rebuked?) by the example of another blogger who I’m quite familiar with to set up goals for my blogging this year.

Looking Back

Since I started the blog in August there have been some things I was really pleased with and others that I was disappointed in. I was able to finish my goal of reading 50 books this year. For a list and a link to reviews for some of them click here. I’m also excited about the series reviewing articles from the Review of Faith and International Affairs. I still have quite a few left but have enjoyed it so far.

Looking Ahead

For this next year I want to stay with the general types of posts that I’d envisioned when I first started blogging. I expected that I would write longer articles, shorter thoughts, links, and reviews of things I’ve read. While I’ve generally tried to stick to that I have not been regular in my structure of posts. So my plan for this year is to post four times a week. Once in each category. I will still need to work out the order for the posts but I hope to get a schedule in place and stick to it.

I also will look to start incorporating more of my academic work into the blog. I’m frequently reading journal articles and so will look to share some of the thoughts those generate. I also have been working on a number of papers and so may adapt those for different articles. This spring I will be working on a thesis and so will share some of that research here. Hopefully I can generate some feedback and discussion on various topics. I also will continue to participate in the “Blogging for Books” program (free ebooks!) and so will be posting reviews as a part of that.

Who knows what this next year will hold in store for us but hopefully, for me at least, this blog will help contribute to making it a more productive and enjoyable year than the last.


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