Reading Today’s Stories…12/4→

So it has been quite a while since I have posted links in this format. I’m just going to post a few blogs or videos that I’ve been reading recently.


Two coats that don’t fit | Journalist in Turkey –

I really enjoyed this blog post from Frederike Geerdink on learning a language and living in another culture. It changes how you see the world and how you fit into the world.

Why? Turkey suits me, to start with. But also, I have been here for five years this month, and I have reached a point of being in between countries, or, you could say, in between identities. Changing coats is a suitable metaphor for that.

Read the whole story: here

What Languages are the Hardest to Learn? « Just a Word

Keeping with the idea of language learning, ever wondered what the hardest language is to learn? klizbarker shares an info graphic that attempts to quantify this. It’s put by the U.S. State Department and so approaches the question from an English standpoint. It’s interesting.

Check it out: here

Apologize to Peter Schiff – YouTube

One of the great (usually) things about the prevalence of digital media is that just about everything is documented. A friend recently shared this link that is a montage of interviews with conservative economist Peter Schiff. Admittedly, I am not an economist. I also have not spend too much time digging into the causes of the recession in the United States and Europe in the past few years. I’ve also not heard of Peter Schiff before this week. It is fairly obvious though when you listen to these clips whose conception of the future turned out to be more accurate.



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