So I have unfortunately gotten out of the rhythm of posting. What that means is that there is a backlog of ideas and thoughts that I want to document and share. I’ve been thinking about and interacting with a bunch of different ideas that I hope to eventually be able to coalesce into something meaningful (largely a thesis in the Spring and hopefully even more meaningful things beyond that).

In the meantime though I want to post a few of the cool resources that are available. I’ve posted quite a few TED talks in the past. Those are always enjoyable. I’ve also been into iTunes U. Just the past few days I have been listening to lectures from Georgetown, Wheaton, Harvard,  it’s great.

This course I actually listened to in its entirety last year. I’m by no means a philosopher but this was extremely interesting. Michael Sandel is a great communicator and thinker. There is a reason why his course Justice is one of Harvard’s most popular courses of all time.

It is extremely enjoyable and be careful you just might get caught thinking along the way!

“What is the Right thing to do?”

The entire semester is available here: http://www.justiceharvard.org/


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