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It’s  been a while since I’ve been able to post with links to some of the stories I’m reading. As an aside, I’ve started toying around with a new way of reading articles using the integration of Instapaper and my Amazon Kindle. (I have a 2nd gen. kindle, but just this week Amazon announced a whole new line of new technology and lower prices, if you don’t have one I HIGHLY recommend it! I’ll post on that later) Now onto the links…

U.S. shouldn’t have killed al-Awlaki –

Some interesting commentary out on the killing of American citizen al-Awalki. He had over the past few years become one of the primary ideologues of anti-American sentiments throughout the world, but especially in the Western world. So why then would we criticize his killing? It sends a message to many that the American government is willing to circumvent the rule of law. In the end it may make martyrs into motivation. In this piece Ed Husain provides a good conclusion:

The United States cannot kill its way out of terrorism. Just as with the Cold War, the challenge from Islamist extremism and jihadist violence urgently needs a cultural, intellectual and informational response. Violence breeds more violence and, in this case, literally creates martyrs out of al Qaeda’s murderers.

Read the whole story here.

Boston Review — Alexander B. Downes: Regime Change Doesn’t Work

This is a piece out of a much larger series investigating the process of Regime change and how it does – or more often – doesn’t work. This is a question that has resurfaced in the past few months with the intervention in Libya and the continuing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. So does it work? Should it work? Should it even be engaged in? What motivations should elicit intervention?

Read the whole story here

Why Facebook Works for All, Twitter for Some –

An interesting post on part of what makes the difference between‘s 500 million active users verses‘s roughly 50 million active users. Though twitter continues to be a significant tool for many in terms of use like this author says it is the little league world series next to the World Series. Is this exclusivity part of the mystique? Is it what makes twitter work? Do you tweet? Why? Why not?

Read the whole story here.

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