Reading Today’s Stories…9/20

Interior view of the Turkish Parliament (TBMM)...
Turkish Parliament

Parliament to launch website for public contribution to new constitution

One of the promises made leading up to the elections this past summer was that the AK party would lead an effort to re-write the Turkish constitution. This will be a significant issue in the upcoming months. The current constitution has been in place since 1982 and was written largely by the military though with a consensus. This offers an opportunity to formalize some of the policy changes of the past few years with regards to religious expression, minority rights, freedom of the press, etc. This is a crucial moment that gives Turkey the chance to allow minority groups to retain their identity while adding to the cultural make-up of the Turkish state. The Parliament is using digital media to allow the people to directly contribute to the conversation. Read the whole story here.

Osama Bin Laden Video: No Terror Threats, But Warns Against Capitalization – ABC News

Osama Bin Laden's Final MessageAbout a week ago Al Qaeda released what is believed to be the final video message from Osama Bin Laden. It is rather interesting to hear the topics he speaks about. In fact he is offering some sound advice to American political leaders. Strange that ten years on Osama Bin Laden has words to say that American’s can agree with. Namely, he warns about the dangers of prolonged wars that strain the economy while making some rich. Read the whole story here.

AppleInsider | University study finds students with Apple’s iPad perform better than peers

Interesting article on some of the most recent applications of technology – specifically the iPad – in the classroom and to further education. This idea has been gaining significant traction globally the past few years as both the technology and the practitioners continue to develop. Read the whole story here.

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