Reading Today’s Stories…9/18

Can a Supercomputer Predict a Revolution? – By Joshua E. Keating | Foreign Policy

An interesting update on some developments in the information technologies world that may be crossing over into international relations. In brief there are academics who are using the vast amount of digital media available and compiling this information to analyze – and perhaps in time – make predictions about social developments. This process is just data-mining expanded and with new applications.

“People talk about oceans of information,” Leetaru says. “We’ve spent the last few decades looking at the waves. If you look below the surface, there’s a whole world of latent information that we’re just beginning to try to understand.”

Read the whole story here.

The Art of Looking British | Joss.Bailey

Some interesting thoughts from her experience at the London Design Festival. She is looking at what it means to be British and whether or not there is a coherent British visual culture. Read the whole story here.

Political Graffiti (156): Expression is Natural | P.a.p.-Blog | Human Rights Etc.


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