Reading Today’s Stories…9/10→

Today is a cool date: 9/10/11 (for those who use the American order of dating…I supposed for many in other parts of the world today is 10/9/11 and thus not quite as cool…well, next month you will have your 9/10/11)

Okay…on to some links for today:

Iran’s nuclear policy threatens itself first – The National

Have not posted much about Iran recently. This latest post is a good reminder that the ones who are really suffering from Iran’s abrasive foreign policy and nuclear program – that has isolated itself from many countries in its own region as well as around the world – are the Iranian people themselves. They are under a restrictive government that has forced the country to be subjected to sanctions that have farther restricted the economic development of the people. There are signs of life (the protests following the 2009 elections) but substantive change has not appeared on the horizon. Read the whole story here.

Making sense of 9/11 by Prince El Hassan bin Talal – Common Ground News Service 

I found this piece very well written. It comes from a Saudi prince and offers some insightful commentary on the mindset of many in the Middle East. Yes, young people in the Middle East look at situations and have much to critique about the United States. Especially when it comes to Palestine they feel their brothers and cousins are being wronged. Yet at the same time they look longingly at some elements of Western culture. Ideas like freedom and individuality. The ability to make your own decisions. The idea of a meritocracy. These concepts resonate with the massive youth population. His concluding thoughts are very interesting. It does not mean there must be a minimizing or denial of differences.

It is the acceptance of difference, which implies a freedom from fear, that any terrorist must surely fear most. Instead of fighting against “terror”, we should be fighting for optimism and hope.

Read the whole story here.

Republican Debate…summarized

Okay, so perhaps a bit of an oversimplification but a humorous look at a recent debate by GOP candidates.


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