Reading Today’s Stories…9/8

What Does it Mean to Be American? | At the Intersection

Short summary of a recent survey of what it means to be an American – and especially how religious identification relates to that. The short summary provides some interesting points of consideration. This is especially a hot topic as we near the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Read the whole story here.

A New Kind of Presidential Debate « Public Discourse

A brief commentary on the Palmetto Freedom Forum that was hosted in South Carolina by Senator Jim Demint. This provided a stage for 5 of the GOP candidates to state their positions on a number of social issues. As religion and social concerns are being voiced in this race – alongside the looming economy issues – this was an interesting forum. I have only seen one or two of the clips from the debate but it seemed really interesting. Read the whole story here.

The 9/11 Anniversary Reader: Liberals vs. Neocons Edition | Foreign Policy

This is a useful piece from Foreign Policy. This week just about every Western news outlet is featuring September 11th anniversary coverage. I full recognize how significant this event was and how 10 years later presents a chance for us to look back on the past decade. It does get a little overwhelming at times. So Foreign Policy has put together this reader that covers the spectrum from Left to Right and gives links to their coverage. So if you are interested in reading the coverage but overwhelmed in finding what you want check this out. Read the whole story here.

Just thought I would include this here. I’ve downloaded it but have not read it yet. This is a magazine featuring reflections on September 11th from a number of conservative Evangelicals. If you are interested in their take on the issue you can download it in a number of formats here.



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