Reading Today’s Stories…9/6

Four Military Options in Syria – Brookings Institution

Interesting piece laying out some of the options and strengths and weaknesses of each should the uprisings in Syria persist and the violence of the Assad regime escalate that a military intervention from outside forces needs to be imposed. The author is not advocating for any of them but in beginning the analysis helps to remind everyone that it is not that far from reality. Read the whole story here.

Turkey’s ambassador first to be approved by Libya’s NTC

In a sign that Libya’s new government is moving toward normalcy Turkey has officially appointed an ambassador and opened up its embassy to begin working with Libya’s new government. This is a positive sign for the country as they seek to get the country moving in a positive direction in this new era. More than 40 countries have recognized the NTC as the legitimate representative of Libya. Read the whole story here. – What Makes Evangelicalism Evangelical? A New Book Joins the Argument

As I’ve mentioned in various posts before the terms Evangelicalism (and Fundamentalism) are highly contested and often times misunderstood. They are also becoming increasingly relevant in the political realm as a number of confessing Evangelicals are serious candidates for the Republican nomination. With that much in the background this forthcoming book looks timely. It is part of a Counterpoints series in which multiple contributors include an essay that is then responded to by each of the other contributors. This allows for the reader to benefit from the educated critique of each of those positions. This essay is an adaptation of Albert Mohler’s contribution to the book. Read the whole story here.


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