Reading Today’s Stories…9/5→

Why Turkey is bombing the PKK – Opinion – Al Jazeera English 

As I’ve posted about a few times in the last few weeks, the Turkish military has once again begun air raids into Northern Iraq. This piece from Mustafa Akyol sets these latest actions in their historical context. If you are not aware of the broad narrative of this conflict this is a good starting point. Read the whole story here.

Religion A Hot Issue In 2012 GOP Race |

A summary piece on how religion has become one of the early points of distinction among 2012 presidential candidates. One of the interesting trends that seems to be emerging is that faith is becoming more and more related to actions. It is not enough to merely say something but voters want to know in what way that will affect your policy decisions. Yet in another article (via @Slate)the argument is raised that thus far economic issues have completely overshadowed social issues. Read the whole story here.

Report: Iran links nuclear power plant to national grid – The Washington Post

A headline that sounds more significant than it may actually be. Iran reported that they have connected their first nuclear power plant in a test run to begin contributing to the countries energy needs.  As to what this will mean to the fears about a weapons program will unfold in the coming weeks and months. Read the whole story here.




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