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Al Qaeda After Atiyya | Foreign Affairs

So this story is now a week or two old but provides some really good insight on the present state of the Al Qaeda organization. The US strike that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden obviously received lots of front page news across the western world. The killing of Abu Abd al-Rahman Atiyyat Allah (better known as Atiyya) in a drone strike received much less coverage. This piece from Foreign Affairs helps to give some perspective on who Atiyya was, how he operated in Al Qaeda and what his death takes away from the organization. He has been described as being a voice of reason who advocated for patience and strategic operations. This is definitely an interesting read. Read the whole story here.

Press statement by H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, regarding Turkish-Israeli relations, 2 September 2011 / Rep. of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs

So I linked to a post yesterday on this issue and some of the potential fallout. Here is the full text of Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu’s latest speech. It is quite articulate and attempts to lay out very clearly what the Turkish position is on the issue. His insistence that peace is built through friendships and that the Turkish-Jewish relationship is one they value and desire to continue offers some hope for the future. Read the whole story here.

Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America – 

A well written piece on the domestic issues in America with the increasing presence of Muslims. There have been a dozen or so states that are – or have – considered legislation banning sharia law. This seems to be a largely reactionary and ill-informed step. As this article fleshes out, part of what has made America the country that it is has been its ability to draw people from every ethnic and religious background into one society that does not eliminate or exclude the characteristics of the individual. This has added color to the tapestry of American culture. Rather than taking abrasive and isolationist steps toward the Muslim community, American’s should seek to engage them and in so doing add to the Americanism of the country. Demonstrate to them through your own actions why it is great to be an American. This article – written by a Jewish professor – draws on the history of the Jewish case to help demonstrate steps that ought to be taken in relation to the Muslim community. Read the whole story here.



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