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Syria – Aug 28, 2011 – 12:19 | Al Jazeera Blogs

A statement from Turkish President Abdullah Gul on neighbor Syria. Turkish leaders seem to be getting fed up with what is coming out of Damascus.

We are really very sad. Incidents are said to be ‘finished’ and then another 17 people are dead. How many will it be today?”

Syria: Turkey v. Iran–Amir Taheri –

Interesting article from Amir Taheri on how the uprising in Syria represents a struggle between two large countries that border Syria and are pulling it in opposite directions. A few interesting statistics on how much the Iranian regime has invested in Syria in recent years. Turkey also has a significant economic stake in this whole issue. This is interesting in light of my current reading (Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future).

 ‘Christian warrior’? Time to dig a bit … » GetReligion

This article is related in some ways to an article I wrote a few weeks back after the tragedy in Oslo, Norway. As its backdrop it uses a case that is currently in the courts in Oregon in which a man who has made claims to be a “Christian Warrior” set fire to a mosque in response to a plot to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony by a Muslim who had prayed at the mosque. The story in Oregon is interesting but it also represents an opportunity to deal with a bigger topic. This article at includes some good questions that journalists should look into before they broadbrush an entire community of faith. This is something that many Christian American’s have failed to grasp in relation to the Muslim community, both domestically and internationally, but it also is missed by many secular journalists in relation to Christianity, Islam and any other creed-based community. I found it an interesting read.



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