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The Wall Street Journal- Religion and the Cult of Tolerance | Becket Fund

This is a piece originally published in the Wall Street Journal about a new case that will be taken before the Supreme Court in the coming weeks. This is a case involving the Hosana-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School. It The case is being tried by lawyers from the Becket Fund. If you have never heard of them, which I hadn’t before a few months ago, they are a group of lawyers that work for the promotion of religious freedom both domestically in the United States and when able internationally. I was able to spend some time with a few of their interns and one of the practicing attorneys this summer. They are not only a law firm but also an educational and research institute. They are doing a lot of really good work for people of all faiths. Check out their mission statement.

The Peace Frame | Home

I came across this group this morning. I had a few conversations this summer with one of the guys involved in this NGO. The Peace Frame is working to use visual media to help break down stereotypes and promote a cultural dialogue that is able to promote peace and the exercise of religion. I could try to explain it but it’d be better to let them do it – that’s what they do.

I am really excited about this video series that is forthcoming. Here is the trailer to their video Mohammed.

If you find it interesting you can find them on Facebook and follow their work there.


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