Interview with Linda Finlayson←

This past week I read the book Guarding the Treasure by Linda Finlayson. I really enjoyed the book. It was a pretty quick read, which makes sense as it is written to a younger audience. It really is a great overview of church history, especially as it developed in western culture. Central to the story of the spread of the church is the story of the Bible. As Christians the Bible is core to all that we are, believe, and do. It is easy to often take for granted the gift of having the Bible easily available in your native language. Yet, that is a gift to which many have given their lives, and many continue to give their lives for that cause as their are still millions who do not have the Bible in their native language. That is part of the story that Linda tells in her book. (Read my full review)

I read the book as part of a blog tour sponsored by Christian Focus publishers (you can find links to some others who also review the book: here). One of the neat opportunities they gave was to ask questions of the author. Here are Linda’s responses to a few of my questions for her:

1.    Why did you feel that a book like Guarding the Treasure is needed at this time?
With all the interest in the anniversary of the King James Bible, I thought it was time for children to understand where their bible came from. Many books were published on the subject over the last year for adults, but few for children.
2.  Why did you personally feel like you could write this book? Are there things in your background you feel give you a unique perspective?
I love history and particularly to see how God’s purposes have been accomplished throughout history. I studied both history and English in university and have continued to read history and biography for fun. I have also been active in children’s ministries over the years and have developed story telling techniques that serve me well as I write.
3.  What do you hope readers will take away from your book?
I hope my readers will come away from reading this book with a realization that history is not boring, but full of great stories about interesting people and events. I also want them to have an appreciation for those who have gone before us in the Christian life and how we have benefitted from their faithfulness. May they be encouraged to live out their lives with that same faithfulness.
I appreciate her passion for history and theology and how those two should intersect to impact the way that we live today, and tomorrow.

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