The Fall of Tripoli↑

Hope to post a few more links sometime later tonight but wanted to add a quick update on the top news story of the day.

Now six months after the beginning of the uprisings in Libya the rebel forces have now taken the vast majority of the capital of Tripoli. Gaddafi currently still remains at large. Two of his sons have been captured. There are warrants from the International Criminal Court for their arrests. Hopefully the rebels will conduct themselves in a wise and human manner as their are fighting for individual freedoms. A number of western leaders, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Obama foremost among them, have made strong statements for Gaddafi to recognize that he no longer is the legitimate leader of Libya and should surrender control.

This is a monumental day for Libya. When this all began six months ago there was a lot of trepidation about how it would go. It is exciting to see a relatively positive outcome even though there have been thousands of lives lost.

Now comes the hard work of setting up a new system of governance that is able to put actions to the hopes and dreams of the Libyan people.


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