Guarding the Treasure by Linda Finlayson←

Guarding the Treasure: How God’s People Preserve God’s Word (Defenders of the Faith)

by Linda Finlayson

Product Description

To some God gives the gift of courage, to others the skill of invention. Some Christians spend their life in study, others risk their lives to spread God’s Word. Men and women throughout the centuries have travelled far and wide, lived at home, died in prison all because of the Bible. Many have lead and inspired others to discover the truth of God’s Word.

My Review

This book aims to make history interesting to the next generation. It is one part history textbook and one part adventure book. The overall arch of the book traces the story of Christianity from biographies of some of the writers of the biblical text, to some of the early church fathers, some of the prominent (and not so prominent) figures of the reformation, and then into modern times and the efforts of Bible translators who have taken up the goal of putting the word of God into the heart language of as many people as possible. Overall, it is an interesting read as an introduction to the story of the spread of Christianity or as a reminder of the efforts that have been made to make it possible for the Bible to be read and understood by billions of people around the globe.

Linda uses the story of individuals as a the vehicle for carrying her larger story. She does a great job of bringing these figures to life. Even as she drops in and follows them for just a few years of their life they become interesting figures about whom you wish to know more. Some of them are well-known church figures like Athanasius, Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, William Carey. There are some other interesting stories that are brought out that are more obscure in the story of Christianity. Men like King Alfred, Laurence Chaderton, and Cameron Townsend. These lesser known figures have also played a crucial role in the story of Christianity.

One of the interesting features Linda has written into the book are the FYI portions. These are short asides that give useful tidbits about things like where paper came from, what it meant to switch from a scroll to a codex, how the committee of translators worked together, what life in a monastery was like and other facts that help young readers to improve their historical awareness.

The book is aimed at kids ages 9-14. It is well written for this age level. It is engaging and fast-paced enough to keep a young readers attention. It is simple enough to be understood but will also push their knowledge to a new level.

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Catch a brief interview with Lina Finlayson here.
DISCLAIMER: I received a free evaluation copy of this book. I did not receive any monetary payment nor was I required to write a positive review. I hope my comments about the book will help you evaluate whether or not the book is worth purchasing and reading. 

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