So if you have not seen the video or heard the story yet I will share it below. This is another of the many interesting stories emerging out of the latest tensions between Israel and Egypt. It also is another demonstration of how social media continues to change the way that news is made and shared.

Last night as thousands were rioting outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo, Egypt “Ahmed El-Shahat” scaled the dozen plus story building and removed the Israeli flag and replaced it with the Egyptian flag. He was immediately cheered by his fellow Egyptians. It was a significant gesture of how far public opinion has gone against Israel.

The other interesting thing is how this story was spread. The video was quickly uploaded to youtube where it got thousands of views. #flagman was soon the new hashtag trending on twitter. What a few years ago would have been limited to only those few thousand people in the streets of Cairo now is instantly a global event. It can be seen and shared across the globe. The Vietnam War was known as the first “Living Room” war where the evening news was able to show on the ground footage. The world is now far beyond that as mobile devices sharing footage nearly instantaneous and without any censure at all.

Is this a better world? Maybe. Is it a worse world? Maybe? It is simply a different world.


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