Reading Today’s Stories…→8.20

A few of the articles I’m reading today…

Egypt Withdraws Ambassador to Israel – TIME

This is the first time that Egypt has recalled the ambassador since 2000 in protest to Israeli operations during the second Intifada. The deterioration of the relationship at a time when the status of the Egyptian government is already in question is worrying. Will the tensions with Israel end up as a justification for the interim government to postpone transitioning to an elected government?

Sultan Al Qassemi: Turkey and Saudi Arabia: the buildup to Syria

Interesting piece on the differences and similarities between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The two countries have established an ever increasing amount of trade as Turkey becomes more active in its own neighborhood. These two would be an imposing force if they are to collectively apply pressure to the Assad government in Syria.

Ramadan in Turkey: Where relaxed fasting rules meet religiosity and tradition | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today’s News from Egypt

Perspective on the month of Ramadan in the secular, Islamic, republic of Turkey. While the actual numbers who fast may be less than in some other Muslim countries the significance of the month is no less. The cultural dynamics are definitely worth considering.


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