Religious Freedom↑

The issue of religious freedom has been of great interest to me this summer. I was able to attend a great seminar discussing the place of religious freedom in the Islamic context. The issue has current relevance in Muslim majority societies. It also has an extreme amount of relevance in American society.

Today I read an interesting article from a month ago that has a number of good insights to the discussion of religious freedom – and the place of religion in civil society. I’ll link the full article below. For now here are a few quotes:

Religious freedom, the cornerstone of all freedom, is freedom for religion, not hostility toward it.

A crucial component of the discussion:

Each of us has inherent dignity, and that dignity demands freedom.


Whether in the West or the Middle East, believers seeking peaceful, stable communities can find common ground in their views of human life, family and ordering society with respect for the transcendent. Understanding the true nature of religious liberty, not marginalizing religious expression and practice from public life in Brooklyn or Baghdad, is the sure path.

These thoughts are taken from the article Understanding Freedom of Religion by Jennifer Marshall


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