Iran’s Nuclear Program→

This past week had the opportunity to attend a lecture on some of the issues going on in the Middle East. Among the most mentioned topics was Iran’s nuclear program. This is always an interesting question and there is plenty of literature available out there. Here is a recent Op-Ed and a few links from the Council on Foreign Relations to get you started.

The March Toward a Nuclear Iran by Ray Takeyh

While I appreciated Ray’s overall perspective on the issue I felt like his piece did not really give any solid suggestions for resolution or even next steps for countries to take in their engagement with Iran. However, it was still an interesting read.

Here is his conclusion here:

Exact estimates vary, but in the next few years Iran will be in position to detonate a nuclear device. An aggressive theocracy armed with the bomb will cast a dangerous shadow over the region’s political transition, but the consequences will not be limited to the Middle East. An Iranian bomb is likely to unleash the most divisive partisan discord in this country since the 1949 debate about who lost China. In the end, neither the turbulent order of the Middle East nor the partisan politics of Washington can afford an Islamic Republic armed with nuclear weapons.

Here are a few more links:

Would a Nuclear Armed Iran Really Be So Dangerous?

Nuclear Concerns in Unstable Mideast




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