Two Beautiful Goals – The Beautiful Game↑

I’ve really enjoyed the World Football Challenge this summer. I think it has done a lot for growing the popularity of the game in the States. I think it may have even been good for the European sides to see that there is a major market in the USA. They can draw tens of thousands of fans to a game to see top quality play.

As one who grew up in the States, started playing organized soccer at age 4, and played competitively through University, it always astounds me at how little recognition soccer gets in the USA and how countries around the world think the USA has no interest in the game. The MLS is making strides to become a top quality league and having teams making good showings in the Champion’s League will advance the cause. The USMNT will continue to grow and through this next qualifying round should make another big statement. And I really hope this summer has done a lot to grow the game.

In celebration of that check out these two beautiful goals against F.C. Barcelona from Chivas’ attacking Midfielder Fabian.


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