A Global Culture Against Extremism →

First off a quick plug for ted.com. If you haven’t spent some time on there you are missing out on a lot of incredible ideas all available for free. Highly recommend it! 

Second I want to share this talk from Maajid Nawaz (bio). He speaks as a former Islamist extremists who was proficient at using social media to spread their ideas across global borders. I won’t rehash his entire talk (go watch it for yourself!) but want to at least give you a few of the high points. He begins with the idea that the world has moved into an era he terms “the age of behavior” where transnational identities are based on ideas and narratives. Unfortunately, from his viewpoint extremist organizations have made the most of this new era. His own story is a testament to that statement. He gives some reasons for why he feels that extremists have had the advantage to this point. Then he puts forth a call for social movements and organizations on the ground in societies who are advocating for democracy. Creating a grassroots demand for this sort of culture. This is what he personally is working for at the Quilliam Foundation.

So check out his TED talk and visit his site and explore the resources he has there.


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