Welcome to the first post as another blogger enters the already over-saturated blogosphere!

Why am I writing? Really, I am writing just as much for myself as for anyone else. Through the discipline of writing I am forced to take scattered ideas and thoughts and put them into a coherent form. This is something that I am looking forward to doing. I’m also writing here as a way to refine my own writing voice. Always unsure about where the future may lead I know that writing is an immensely useful and transferable skill to whatever I am currently doing. It isn’t all about me though. I do hope that you will find the content here to be interesting. I hope it will cause you to think. As I am always taking in content from different sources (books, blogs, news sites, twitter, facebook, people) I want to pass that along to you. I hope this site will be a conduit of information. Hence the title – it is a convergence of all sorts of mediums with an amount of thoughtful reflection or commentary added on.

When I consider my own interests I sometimes struggle to identify exactly how it all fits together. Through this blog I hope to help those interests come together. The general areas that I will be writing about are culture, theology, history and politics. These all overlap and converge in different points and look forward to understanding better how to navigate in each of these fields.

While I am sure this will all be rather fluid over the weeks and months to come I am envisioning four different categories of content that will make up the majority of this site. The first is articles: these will be longer more thought out pieces. Second is thoughts: these will be shorter, less thought out, just floating ideas out there (and hopefully getting feedback too!). Third is reviews: I love to read and so will do my best to review much of what I read. These will vary in length depending on the book and its genre, quality, etc. Finally will be links: these will be the most frequent. I’ll share the things I am reading and thinking about, often with some comment, and pass them on for you to read as well.

So I hope that gives you an introduction to where I am coming from – and where this blog will be going. I really value your interaction on any and every topic. So please feel free to comment or find me on twitter or email.


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